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The Fast and Easy Twist on Walls Class is a one day workshop designed to

teach the beginner how to have professional looking walls. The secret to

this look is something created by Linda Coffman after eight years of working

with the dual roller. Instead of the "lace curtain" look of eight years ago

with the country scene in decorating, Linda has learned through trial and

error how to copy expensive walls and do it in half the time it would have

taken a professional. All this is done with the double pan and double roller.


The class instruction is demonstration and hands on. Linda teaches you

how to have perfect ceiling edges and perfect corners!! Besides that, she

teaches you how to pick the colors that will work no matter what store

you buy your paint at. She teaches you how to manipulate the paint with


the double roller to have a leather/suede look, Tuscan/old world/old plaster

wall looks, rustic, Southwestern, and marble. She works only with latex paint

and paint conditioner. Besides teaching all this, she tells you that you cannot

fail with the "Basic" look, taught in class. But, if you want flashier walls,

you can learn "tricks of the trade" when she goes into her Intermediate

time in the class and the Advanced time. All this means you cannot fail

because you can reach for an idea from the Intermediate section or the

Advanced and put it on top of the Basic look. You actually stumbled onto

a BETTER look that you planned!


Every time Linda learns something new in the faux world, just to keep the

look on the cutting edge, Linda shares it with the class. This year the newest

thing is tissue paper and rustic torn rocks. Please view the "rocks" she has

done in the Gallery. Remember, it's not just putting the tissue on her

way, instead of the way taught today, but it is the "twisting" over the

tissue from the class that makes for a winner of a wall.


Linda has had accomplished faux finishers attend her class and say they

grasped more of the concept of glazing from her class than their

previous knowledge. Also, for a muralist, Linda provides a great

money-maker for them as she teaches how to have the base faux

go on quickly so they can use their artistry over the faux.


One surprising outcome to teaching all around the country, is that Linda

inspires when she teaches. Some of her one-time students have kept

in touch by email and phone and have received Linda's counsel on

starting their own businesses. Remember the warning label to this class:

BEWARE: your neighbor will see your walls and want you to do theirs!!

Wa -la - you are beginning your business!


For further questions about Linda's approach, please email her